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Use Panther profits to boost housing

I’m happy the Panthers deal is done and the team will stay in Charlotte. A “record price.” I wonder if Jerry Richardson will return the millions to Charlotte its citizens gave, which increased the value of his team.

Butch Fisher

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How about it, Mr. Richardson, let’s say maybe $80 million to build affordable housing? That would be a great legacy for your family. Or, just take the money and run. It’s your call.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte

Bless David Tepper’s heart – just this time

Welcome to North Carolina, David Tepper! Glad to hear you are buying our beloved Panthers.

So, you have a lot of cash and have done very well financially – good for you! A word of advice: Keep your political opinions to yourself since – gasp! – some of us are actually tired of the president bashing that goes on.

For now, I’ll give you a pass for your negative Trump comments because, “Bless your heart” (Google that!), you hail from Pittsburgh.

Allison Schaar, Matthews

Was that a halo on Tepper’s head?

I was amused to see that in the front-page photo of prospective Panthers owner David Tepper the logo behind his head, circular and yellow, seems to give him a halo. In this sports-worshiping city, I suppose it’s not surprising that the Observer inadvertently beatified the man who is buying our football team.

Mary W. Cox, Charlotte

Put nastiness aside, back Trump on this

Herb Stark

If it comes to pass, instead of focusing on this scandal-plagued administration we should all take a time-out to wish President Trump success as he engages in peace talks next month with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

I believe it will probably be the most important meeting of the year – and this century – because millions of lives are at stake and the quest to destroy nuclear weaponry has never been so important for the people of that region and the rest of the world’s population.

I say, put all the nastiness aside and wish our president the best of luck!

Herb Stark, Mooresville

I must’ve missed that Sunday School class

Forum writer Traci Cockerham, thank you for sharing with us that Franklin Graham’s morality lines up with yours. (“Graham’s morality lines up with mine,” May 15 Forum):

You also stated that you are “a Christian that supports President Trump.” I’m curious, which Sunday School lesson spoke of the wonderful things of bigotry, hate, lying, adultery, and anti-feminism? I must have slept in that Sunday.

Fred S. Bailey, Charlotte

Struggles of blacks, LGBTQ not the same

In response to “Lawyers for man in Waffle House choking call for investigation” (May 15):

The discrimination received by black people in times past and today was and is brutal and inhuman. The LGBTQ community has a choice in the behavior they exhibit. We have no choice in the beautiful colors with which we were born, yet some hate us just for having more color to our skin.

Please, be more sensitive in your reporting. The two cultures have absolutely nothing in common. Please stop trying to make it so.

C.H. Hendricks, Charlotte

Form CMPD, mental health SWAT teams

In response to “Man charged after CMPD officer fires gun in his home” (May 16):

Deb Park

A CMPD officer recently fired his gun during a potential suicide call. No details have been released that would indicate whether it was justified or not, and the citizen reportedly had numerous weapons.

Unfortunately our police get these types of calls regularly. I think the City should fund several “swat teams” composed of police and mental health professionals to respond to obvious mental health calls.

Perhaps the situations could more frequently be de-escalated and folks could get the referrals and help they need, rather than overcrowding our jails and prisons.

Deb Park, Charlotte

Teachers and police deserve better pay

I understand that we want teachers to have better pay, but what about our police officers?

They are paid on the average about what teachers are paid. They work 12 months a year and all hours of day. They risk their lives to protect us daily, on holidays and at special events.

This is National Police Week. I’ve heard very little in the press about it; all I’ve heard about is teachers.

We should at least give credit to law enforcement officers this week.

Albert Rorie, Monroe

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